Terms & Conditions of Sales

Procedure Rules and Terms & Conditions as of 1 May 2021
SAS "Rêves d'Ô en Camargue"
So that your conditions of stay are the most pleasant and that the conditions of hygiene and safety are guaranteed for all, we ask you to take careful note of the following. Your booking confirmation implies your full acceptance of the clauses set out below.

Article 1 - Contract:This seasonal rental contract is reserved for the exclusive use of rental and accommodation on boats remaining at the quayside: Marius, Fanny and César, managed by the SAS "Rêves d'Ô en Camargue" hereinafter referred to as " SAS "".
Under no circumstances would we be liable for any use of its contracts by third parties or for purposes other than tourism.
Under no circumstances can the lessee sublet or lend the boat.

Article 2 - Duration of stay : The tenant signing this contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 3 - Conclusion of the contract : The reservation becomes effective once the tenant has sent the "SAS" the total amount of the rental.
The rental concluded between the parties to this deed may in no case benefit even partially to third parties, natural or legal persons, except with the written consent of the "SAS".
Any breach of this last paragraph would be liable to result in the immediate termination of the rental at the fault of the tenant, the rental income remaining definitively acquired by the "SAS".

Article 4 - Preparation of the file:The name, first name and age of each tenant will be requested before arrival by our services, including those of your children and must correspond to the rental contract signed upstream. These must correspond to the reservation made. A copy of the identity cards and addresses of the people on board must be handed over to the "SAS" or its representative during the inventory of entry points.
Children under 7 are not allowed on board and remain under the full and sole responsibility of their parents. Children admitted on board must know how to swim.
The age of the children is calculated in relation to their birthday on the start date of the stay. An official document justifying the age of the children may be requested at the start of the stay.Minors unaccompanied by their parents or by an adult legal guardian cannot be admitted for obvious reasons of safety.

Payment methods accepted:
  • Bank check payable to "SAS Rêves d'Ô en Camargue" (French accounts only)
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card: Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa, American Express
  • Secure online payment on the website
  • Holiday vouchers (ANCV)
  • Cash
It is imperative to mention the reference of your reservation with your payment

Article 5 - Prices:
The prices appearing on our presentation sheets are inclusive of all taxes, excluding tourist taxes. Our prices are calculated on the basis of the VAT rates in force and are therefore likely to be modified if they change. In the event of a late reservation with the agreement of the "SAS" reserves the right to cancel your stay if these clauses are not respected.The cleaning fee: 60 € and tourist taxes are to be paid on the day of arrival.

Article 6 - Taxes and contributions:
You will find the amount of the tourist tax and any other taxes relating to your accommodation in the dedicated section of the website.

Article 7 - Capacity : The number of people indicated per accommodation in our prices and brochures corresponds to the maximum authorized occupancy taking into account the available equipment. It cannot be exceeded for reasons
security and insurance. The management reserves the right to refuse you access to the accommodation if the number of people exceeds the maximum authorized occupancy.
Article 8 - Insurance: The insurance covers all damage that may occur to the boat and in particular loss due to damage, total theft of the boat, partial theft of boat accessories, as well as civil liability. This insurance includes a deductible (1300 €) which will remain the responsibility of the tenant if his responsibility is engaged.
The insurance does not cover the theft and loss of personal effects of the persons on board nor the bodily accidents of which they could be victims.
The tenant is responsible for all damages arising from him. He is required to be insured by a type RC / vacation insurance contract for these various risks. A "holiday stay civil liability" insurance certificate will be systematically requested on your arrival, when the keys are handed over! The latter isMANDATORY !!! The keys to the ship may not be given to you without this certificate.
The tenant must immediately report any damage caused or suffered to the "SAS" as soon as it is noticed which will give him the procedure to follow.
The tenant must not repair or have repaired the damage and / or breakdowns suffered on the boat without the agreement of the "SAS". He undertakes to complete the accident report and have it completed and countersigned by third parties.
Any claim not attributable to the "SAS" may not be the subject of compensation for the benefit of the tenant in the event that his stay would be affected.

Article 9 - Accommodation, security and decorum: This type of accommodation meets a charter of use which must respect the natural and friendly environment of the premises. Any noise nuisance and unsightly behavior (drunkenness, aggressiveness, neighborhood annoyance, conflict or complaint) may result in the eviction of the tenants causing the disturbance, without this giving rise to any reimbursement or compensation.
Simple, light-hearted measures can go a long way. This is why we are counting on your collaboration to avoid leaving the lights on unnecessarily, not to let the water run and to moderate the flow during the showers. Please turn off the lights when leaving the boat and do not leave exterior doors and windows open if you are using heating or air conditioning. All amenities are available to you subject to normal and reasonable use.In this regard, please do not throw anything in the toilet bowl except toilet paper (any other waste will block the sani-grinder and the intervention will remain your responsibility).
Electrical use is limited to 16 amps with electronic management of the device. Any excess would result in a safety cut-out. Drinking water, for its part, is supplied by the port and counted on an individual meter and daily consumption. Any excessive consumption may result in additional invoicing
In case of emergency, please notify the emergency services (portable):
Firemen = 118 / Samu = 115 / Police = 117
The use of the barbecue (charcoal only) requires constant vigilance from the tenant and remains his responsibility to extinguish the embers after use, close the cover and empty the ashes into a suitable container as soon as necessary and before any departure. The latter cannot be moved and any splashes of grease on the floor must be cleaned up immediately.
The organization of parties on the boat (noise nuisance, neighborhood, inappropriate behavior, ...) is prohibited.
It is also strictly forbidden to throw any liquid or solid waste into the canal by the port contract in force. Any infringement may give rise to a fine (port administration) to be paid by the tenant and the immediate termination of the rental without compensation.
Household garbage cans must be placed regularly in the containers provided for this purpose in the port and must under no circumstances be exposed on the decks of the boat or cause nuisance to the neighborhood.
The "SAS" cannot be held responsible for the neighborhood, insects, flies and mosquitoes in summer, irregularities and / or lack of enjoyment that may occur in the electricity services (cut of ADSL in the event of wind and / or bad weather), mobile telephony, etc… and declines all responsibility for lack of enjoyment not due to it.
Likewise, the owner cannot be held responsible for any bad weather preventing the tenant from taking advantage of the outdoor space offered for rent.

Article 10 - Modification of stay: Any modification of stay requested in terms of dates, duration, number of people or family composition must be validated by our services. It may, if necessary, be the subject of additional invoicing. In the event of external events beyond our control (cf. article 12), we could be required to modify or cancel your stay. We will then offer you and depending on availability, an equivalent stay with different dates or accommodation. If this offer does not satisfy you, the full amount paid will be refunded. No other compensation can be claimed.

Article 11 -   No withdrawal: For reservations made by mail, telephone or internet, the tenant does not benefit from the withdrawal period, in accordance with article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services provided on a date or at a determined frequency.

Article 12 - Cancellation by the tenant : Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or by mail (with acknowledgment of receipt) to the "SAS". The fees used are as follows:
  • More than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date = 25 €
  • From 30 to 8 days before the scheduled arrival date = 50% of the rental amount
  • Less than 8 days before the arrival date = 100% of the rental amount
For any stay interrupted or not consumed for any reason whatsoever, the entire amount of the reserved stay will be liable or will remain for the "SAS"; as such, the tenant cannot claim any reimbursement or compensation.
If the tenant does not appear within 12 hours of the date and time of arrival indicated on the contract, this contract becomes void and the "SAS" can dispose of its rental.The deposit also remains with the "SAS" which will request payment of the balance of the rental.
These cancellation costs can be covered by cancellation insurance to be taken out individually by the tenant. Whatever the reasons for the cancellation, the tenant must notify the owner by letter or email, the date of receipt of this notice determining the scale to be applied. The tenant not having informed the owner would be held to the full payment of the balance.

Article 13 - Cancellation by the "SAS" : The "SAS" may cancel a reservation in the event of force majeure, beyond its control, such as:
Loss, water damage, voluntary or involuntary deterioration / degradation of the rented property, fire, duly noted malice, natural or health disasters or any event that may be brought to its attention directly or indirectly making the rental impossible. The "SAS" undertakes to inform the tenant within 48 hours as well as his insurance or lodge a complaint with the police or gendarmerie authorities depending on the seriousness of the facts.
In this case, the "SAS" undertakes to reimburse the sums paid to the tenant in full within one month. The buyer, without prejudice to recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, will be reimbursed immediately and without penalties for the sums paid.

Article 14- Arrival / Departure times:
  • Arrival : The tenant must arrive on the specified day and at the time mentioned on this contract. In the event of late or deferred arrival, the tenant must notify the "SAS".
Arrival time is set between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. The arrival time must be confirmed at the latest the day before by telephone and / mail, in order to prepare your reception at the port and carry out the inventory. If you cannot meet the schedule, it is essential to let us know in advance.
  • Before your departure :Rentals must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure, after the inventory of fixtures. For this purpose, an appointment will be made with our representative the day before your departure. You are asked to leave the place clean, fold dirty sheets and towels and put them on the coffee table in the living room. All the equipment must be put back in its place, the whole kitchen area and the crockery clean and tidy, the garbage cans as well as the barbecue and ashtray, emptied and cleaned. These elements are not part of the cleaning fee and could give rise to additional invoicing if not carried out and would be deducted from the refund of the deposit on a flat-rate basis of 50 €.
The tenant will be held responsible for all expenses resulting from a late departure (unless expressly accepted by the "SAS") which will give rise to an allowance equivalent to the daily rental fee increased by the costs and / or allowances that the "SAS"""Would have to be paid to the next tenant.

Article 15 - Inventory : An inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by the tenant and the "SAS" or its representative on arrival and departure of the rental. This inventory constitutes the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory of fixtures.
The state of cleanliness of the rental on arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory.

Article 16 - Guarantee : Its purpose is to guarantee:damage, loss, theft of the boat and / or its equipment, which are not covered by the insurance, the return of the boat in a correct state of internal and external cleanliness, the insurance deductible and the related costs of the "SAS".
The amount is 600 €:
  • / Bank check (French bank) payable to "SAS Rêves d'Ô en Camargue".
  • / Cash against receipt on the day of arrival in case of late reservation.

After the contradictory establishment of the exit inventory, this deposit is returned or canceled (if made by credit card) if everything is in accordance with the entry inventory. Otherwise, a deduction will be made according to the possible cost of repairing the premises, if damage was noted or missing goods).

In the event that the deposit is not sufficient to cover the restoration of the boat, the lessee will be forced to pay the difference and these expenses will remain at his expense beyond the amount of the deposit if necessary. In the event of a dispute, this could give rise to the establishment of a bailiff's report which would remain the responsibility of the tenant.
In the event of early departure (prior to the time mentioned on the contract or agreed upon) preventing the establishment of the inventory of fixtures on the very day of the tenant's departure, the security deposit will be returned by the "SAS" within a period of time. not exceeding one week, subject to the findings mentioned in this same article.

Article 17 - Animals : This contract specifies that, due to the nature of the rental, no animal is allowed on the boat. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the "SAS" may refuse the stay: no refund will then be made.

Article 18 - Valuables: it is recommended not to leave valuables in the accommodation. A small hotel safe is available but the "SAS »disclaims all liability for goods that may be deposited there. In the event of non-functioning or forgetting of the opening device code, our worker will be able to open it in the presence of one or more tenants.

Article 19 - Payment of charges : Electricity and water charges are included in the rental. However, it is expressly requested to adopt a responsible attitude only when using the services.

Article 20 - Complaints and disputes : Any complaint relating to the inventory of fixtures and the state of the description during a rental, must be submitted by registered mail within 15 days of the stay to the following address: SAS Rêves d'Ô en Camargue, 212, route de Nîmes, 30600 Vauvert.
In the event of a dispute, only the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Nîmes is recognized.

Article 21 - WIFI: A 4G terminal is made available free of charge for the 3 boats according to the following terms of use:
Access to illegal sites is strictly prohibited
The download is limited and cannot exceed 1 GB / day and per boat

Article 22 - Smoking: It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rentals.

Article 23- Instructions: For your safety, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moorings, the cockpit, electrical panel, water outlets and electricity as well as open the technical access hatches located inside and outside the boat.

Article 24 - Fishing and swimming : Forbidden